Friday, November 23, 2012

Eggnog Cupcakes

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go!  As we type this, it is officially the day after Thanksgiving, and thereby officially the time to start thinking about Christmas!  And so we'd like to suggest to anyone reading this to give a gift this year (a gift to yourself would be perfectly acceptable...) of our second Holiday Cupcake creation, the Eggnog Cupcake.

Our second holiday confection (the first being our new Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes) starts with moist eggnog cake, with eggnog in its batter, along with fresh nutmeg and some spicy cinnamon.  We topped it with a fluffy eggnog frosting, also made with the 'nog itself, nutmeg, and some vanilla.  We sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar and topped them with a blizzard of big and small snowflake sprinkles.  Who could say no to that Yuletide treat?

Eggnog Cupcakes and Minis

Thanks, as always, to the amazing TZRollins Photography for the beautiful photos.  Check out our cupcake menu with pricing information:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cupcake Menu

We're proud to finally post our cupcake menu online!  We bake and sell other things than just cupcakes (check back soon to see our chocolate whoopie pies up on the blog!), but since our cupcakes are the most popular thing we bake, we are now posting a temporary cupcake menu.  A more comprehensive menu will be available after the holidays.  Until then, please email us at with any questions.  

Also, we just got our new loyalty cards!  For every five dozen regular-sized cupcakes you buy, you will now receive the sixth dozen free!  Make sure to ask for one with any future cupcake orders.

Thanks so much for the business we've gotten in the last two months and keep checking the blog for new flavors and news.

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes

If you follow our Twitter or Instagram accounts you probably already know that we've recently baked up two new holiday cupcakes.  And although it's not quite Thanksgiving yet, we know people are itching for Christmas sweets and ideas for gifts.  Our new cupcake fits that criteria and is adorable to boot.  Meet the first of our two new Christmas cupcakes, the Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake.

The cake in this new cupcake is our favorite chocolate cake.  It's moist and fluffy, and probably our favorite cake recipe we have created since baking together the last three years.  We top the cake with a layer of silky peppermint chocolate ganache.  Then on top of the ganache we give these girls a swirl of fluffy peppermint chocolate frosting, and crown them with crushed candy canes.  

We make these cupcakes, like most of our other varieties, in our regular size (background) and mini size (top foreground and bottom).  The minis are addictive, to say the least.  Chocolate peppermint indulgence in bite-sized form?  That's something to give you, your family, and your friends some yuletide cheer.

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes and Minis

Thanks, as always, to TZRollins Photography for the beautiful photos.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I'm sure most people who land on this blog will have had a red velvet cake of some sort.  They have had a popularity boost in the last few years and can now be found at most bakeries and cupcakeries.  Some hit the mark, others don't.  We hope our Red Velvet will be considered one of your favorites.

Red Velvet is not just a red cake-- real red velvet is a smooth, rich cake made with buttermilk and vinegar.  It should have a silky texture and a hint of chocolate.  Who could complain about that?  So after much testing over the last year or so, we have landed on our favorite version of red velvet cake.  

There is much debate about the frosting.  Traditional red velvet cake does not have cream cheese frosting, although most red velvet cakes are now made that way.  But Corinne and Susan both are big fans (and I mean big fans) of cream cheese frosting.  So that's what we've put together: moist, silky cocoa cake and a vanilla cream cheese frosting.  We top them with little pearls to dress them to the nines, and now they're ready to be devoured!  Enjoy!

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Our new menu will be added to the blog this week, so please stay tuned.  Contact us at with any questions or orders!  And special thanks to TZRollins Photography for the beautiful photos.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Double Lemon Cupcakes

As the temperature drops and we prepare for the oncoming winter, doesn't one last bright hit of citrus sound good?  We thought so, too.  And with that we bring you our Double Lemon Cupcake.

We start it off with our new lemon cupcake.  This took us quite a bit of work to get just right.  We went through batters that were too tart, too sweet, too dense, and too crumbly until we settled on a lemon cake good enough for a picky eater like Goldilocks-- just right.  It's a moist cake with just enough lemon juice and zest to give a fresh lemon taste without making you pucker.  We then topped it with a fabulous Lemon Cream Cheese frosting.  It's got a tang from the cream cheese and lemon that we think is balanced quite nicely with the sweetness of some vanilla and the sugar.  We top the lemon and lemon duo with a simple yellow pearl and present to you our Double Lemon Cupcake:

Double Lemon Cupcakes

Thanks again to TZRollins Photography for the beautiful photos.